Church Manual

Northwest United Protestant Church

Last Updated 09/17/2019

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1.1 Table of Contents

Church Manual        1

1.1 Table of Contents        2

2.1 Children and Youth Commission        10

Mission        10

Duties        10

Organization        11

Reports        11

2.2 Adult Education Commission        12

Mission        12

Duties        12

Organization        12

Reporting        12

2.3 Hospitality and Care Commission        13

Mission        13

Organization        13

Reports        13

2.4 Personnel Commission        14

Mission        14

Duties        14

Organization        14

2.5 Property Commission        15

Mission        15

Duties        15

Organization        16

2.6 Social Concerns Commission        17

Mission        17

Duties        17

Organization        17

Reports        17

2.7 Stewardship and Finance Commission        19

Mission        19

Planning Duties        19

Budget Duties        19

Financial Duties        19

Stewardship        20

Organization        20

Reports        20

2.8 Worship Commission        21

Mission        21

Duties        21

Organization        21

Reports        21

3.1 Steward Selection        22

3.2 Steward Duties Summary        23

3.3 Audio Visual Steward        24

Mission        24

Duties        24

Organization        24

3.4 Board Clerk        25

Duties        25

3.5 Technology Steward        26

Mission        26

Duties        26

3.6 History Steward        27

Mission        27

Duties        27

3.7 Library Steward        28

Mission        28

Duties        28

3.8 Manual Steward        29

Mission        29

Duties        29

4.1 Choir Director        30

Mission        30

Duties        30

Qualifications        30

Organization        30

4.2 Nursery Attendant        31

Mission        31

Duties        31

Qualifications        31

Expectations        32

Organization        32

4.3 Organist and Pianist        33

Mission        33

Duties        33

Qualifications        33

Organization        33

4.4 Pastor        34

Mission        34

Organization        34

4.5 Secretary        36

Mission        36

Duties        36

Qualifications        37

Organization        37

5.1 Diaconate        38

Mission        38

Duties        38

Organization        38

5.2 Elders        39

Mission        39

Duties        39

Organization        40

5.3 Financial Secretary        41

Mission        41

Duties        41

Organization        41

5.4 Moderator        42

Mission        42

Duties        42

Organization        43

5.5 Treasurer        44

Mission        44

Duties        44

Organization        44

5.6 Trustees        45

Mission        45

Duties        45

Organization        45

6.1 Emergency Response Procedures        46

Purpose        46

Procedures        46

6.2 Use of Facilities and Grounds        50

Purpose        50

User Guidelines        50

User Fees        51

Responsibilities        51



Release Form & Information for Use of Piano in the Church Sanctuary.        55

6.3 Policy Concerning Gifts to NWUP Church        56

Purpose        56

Types of Giving        56

General Policy        56

Acceptance of Memorial Gifts        56

Governing Principles for Memorials        57

Identification of Memorials        57

Policy Concerning Bequests        57

Property Bequests        58

Investment of Bequests        58

Policy Concerning Honorariums and Other Special Gifts        58

Responsibilities        58

Disposal of Endowment Funds during Church Dissolution        58

Policy Concerning Donations for Specific Projects        59

6.4 Salaried Staff Policy        60

Purpose        60

Policy and Procedures        60

Responsibilities        61

6.5 Sexual Misconduct Policy        62

Policy        62

6.6 Maintenance of Tax Exempt Status        64

Purpose        64

6.7 Timekeeping Requirements        65

6.8 Timeshare Policy        68

Purpose        68

Description        68

Procedure        68

6.9 Deacon Assignments and Checklist        70

6.10 Preparation of Annual Reports        72

Purpose        72

Schedule of Activities        72

Notes        72

List of Sections in Annual Report        72

6.11 Transfer of Restricted Funds        74

6.12 Campership Policy        75

6.13 Computer Replacement Fund and Policy        76

6.14 Wedding Policy        77

Resources Available        77

Wedding Rules        77

Building Use Requirements        77

Guidelines for Use of Other Organists and Pastors        78

7.1 Members of Church Board        79

By Laws        80





REVISIONS        82

Constitution        82











ARTICLE 11: BY LAWS        86


REVISIONS        86

Number: 1.2

Title: Manual Organization and Change Control

Date: 09/12/17

Purpose: This section describes how the Manual is organized and changed.

Numbering: The manual is divided into 9 groups as follows.




Manual Management






Paid Staff Position Guides


Volunteer Staff Position Guides


Policies and Procedures


Members of the Church Board




By Laws

Each section is binomially numbered (two numbers) separated by a period. The first number is the group number the section is in. The sections are then numbered sequentially: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. The sections may be procedures, policies, position descriptions, etc. The Constitution and By Laws are included here as a convenience, but they should be considered separate documents.

Revisions: Each revision is dated. The manual is designed such that any section can be revised at any time without changing the rest of the manual. The Table of Contents (section 1.1) is only revised if a new section is added or an existing section is removed.

Approval Authorities: This manual is initially activated by vote of the Church Board. All subsequent manual section revisions are approved by the Church Board.

Standard Header: Each section has a standard header including the section number, section title, and revision date. The header on this section is the standard format header.

Revision Process: Any group or member may propose revisions to a section. The Manual Steward will prepare revisions for approval by the Board and ask the secretary to place the revision on the Board agenda. After Board approval, the manual steward will mark up the revisions and transmit them to the Technology Steward for posting on the website.  After posting the manual steward will copy the revisions and update the hard record copy.  The office copy will be updated within a month.

Record Copy: The record copy is the official copy of the manual and the template for all other copies. One electronic record copy is kept on the church website. A hard record copy is kept at the home of the Manual Steward. When a section revision is approved by the Board, the electronic files on the website are updated within five working days. The hard record copy is updated within five working days after the electronic file changes are posted.

Office Copy: One hard copy is kept in the church office for use by the congregation. (The record copy held by the Manual Steward is the master copy.) The Secretary may make additional hard copies of sections as requested. The office copy is updated monthly by the manual steward.

2.1 Children and Youth Commission

Number: 2.1

Title: Children and Youth Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Children and Youth Commission provides a Christian Education Program to give children and youth a better understanding of God, the teachings of Christ, the Bible, the Church, and how these subjects apply to life.


Maintain a Sunday School program for children and youth by:

Maintain a nursery with attendants for infants and younger preschool children during worship services and Sunday School.

Plan and conduct an annual Vacation Bible School during the summer when applicable and appropriate.

Maintain a Youth Fellowship program for youth of appropriate ages by:

Give guidance to the Youth Director when that staff position is filled.

Provide for the acquisition of suitable children’s books with advice from the librarian.

Participate with other churches in the planning and conducting of local, district, and regional educational events, as appropriate

Maintain liaison with any youth organizations sponsored by the church.

Ensure all Sunday School Teachers complete a background check.

Ensure that a second adult is present in the Sunday School for children. (If there is not a second adult, Sunday School for children must be cancelled.)


The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually. The Children and Youth Commission Chair is a member of the Church Board.


The Children and Youth Commission submits an annual budget request to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

2.2 Adult Education Commission

Number: 2.2

Title: Adult Education Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Adult Education Commission provides a Christian Education Program to give adults a better understanding of God, the teachings of Christ, the Bible, the Church, and how these subjects apply to life.


Adult Education

Special Programs


The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor. Teachers should serve on this Commission. The Commission elects its own chairperson annually. The Adult Education Commission Chair is a member of the Church Board.


Reporting includes preparation of a budget submittal to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

2.3 Hospitality and Care Commission

Number: 2.3

Title: Hospitality and Care Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Commission attends to the social life of the congregation. The Commission provides support and care for members of the Congregation needing help and attention.

Provision of Care

Social Duties


The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually.


The Commission prepares an annual budget request for submittal to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

2.4 Personnel Commission

Number: 2.4

Title: Personnel Commission

Revision: 0

Date: 09/12/17


The Personnel Commission provides administrative assistance to the Pastor and Moderator with special emphasis upon personnel issues, organization and policies.



The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually. The Personnel Commission Chair is a member of the Church Board.

2.5 Property Commission

Number: 2.5

Title: Property Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Property Commission plans for the improvements to the church’s facilities, equipment, and grounds and maintains the same.



The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually. The Property Commission Chair is a member of the Church Board.

2.6 Social Concerns Commission

Number: 2.6

Title: Social Concerns Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Social Concerns Commission directs the efforts of Northwest United Protestant Church to meet the local community’s social service needs.


Lead NWUP Church activities focused on specific local individuals or organizations that need financial or other assistance in meeting basic needs by:


The commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually.


Prepare of an annual budget for submission to Stewardship and Finance Commissions.

2.7 Stewardship and Finance Commission

Number: 2.7

Title: Stewardship and Finance Commission

Date: 01/15/17  (rev. 1)


The Stewardship and Finance Commission develops and oversees the church budget, controls church expenditures, and is responsible for stimulating congregational giving to support the annual operating budget and other financial needs.

Planning Duties

The Commission develops a schedule that provides for the stewardship campaign to be completed before budget development. Sufficient time should be allowed to solicit and receive budget requests from Commissions and Stewards and employee costs from the Personnel Commission. Sufficient time should then be allowed for approval of the budget by the Moderator and ratification by the Church Board and Congregation.

Budget Duties

The Commission plans and budgets church finances by:

Financial Duties

The Commission maintains financial records and control of all financial transactions by:


Establish and carry out a continuing program to stimulate Christian Stewardship by:


The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall be made up of the Stewardship and Finance Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, an Elder, and at least one ‘at large’ member of the congregation. The ‘at large’ commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.   The Stewardship and Finance Commission Chair is a member of the Church Board.

The Stewardship and Finance Commission is accountable to the Moderator and Church Board.

The Treasurer and the Financial Secretary are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the pastor and report to this Commission.

The Chairperson of the Stewardship and Finance Commission is nominated by the Commission annually and approved by the Moderator and Church Board.


2.8 Worship Commission

Number: 2.8

Title: Worship Commission

Date: 09/12/17


The Worship Commission supports the minister to develop and provide worship services for Sundays and special days, such as Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday. The Commission is responsible for all activities associated with worship services, except for those assigned to the Pastor, Elders, and Diaconate.


Support the minister to:

Duties related to music include:

Duties related to communion and baptismal services include:


Members of this Commission include the Pastor, the Audio Visual Steward, a Deacon selected by the Diaconate, and an Elder selected by the Elders.  Other commission members are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.  The Commission elects its own chairperson annually. The Worship Chair is a member of the Church Board.


Prepare a budget request annually for submittal to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

3.1 Steward Selection

Number: 3.1

Title: Steward Selection

Date: 09/12/17

A number of church functions are specialized and/or short term or sporadic in nature and, as such, do not require a full standing commission. For purposes of NWUPC, a steward is a specific person appointed to take care of a specific church function. The procedures and/or policies needed to fulfill their function are spelled out in a specific section of the manual.

In general, stewards are authorized to recruit help within the church as needed for specific tasks within their purview. They are expected to act independently to fulfill the functions assigned to them, but they are expected to coordinate with appropriate commissions within the organizational structure. (For instance, the technology steward has the authority to recommend purchases of specific hardware, software or services to support church needs to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.)

Stewards are appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Pastor.

3.2 Steward Duties Summary

Number: 3.2

Title: Steward Duties Summary

Date: 09/12/17

The following table gives a brief summary of the mission of each Steward. The position description for each Steward is given in this manual.



Audio Visual

Maintains equipment in good repair to support worship and educational activities.

Board Clerk

Keeps meeting minutes of Board meetings and performs other clerical duties for the Board as needed.


Provides technical support to church personnel to ensure computer and IT resources are adequate, secure and functioning properly. Implements policies and procedures in manual section 6.2


Maintains historical archives and knowledge of church history to support educational programs.


Maintains the church library in good order.


Supports the pastor and the secretary in the preparation, control, orderly revision and distribution of the church manual.

Stewards must coordinate and consult with appropriate commissions that may be impacted by steward actions.

Stewards may submit budget requests to the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

3.3 Audio Visual Steward

Number: 3.3

Title: Audio Visual Steward

Date: 09/12/17


The Audio/Visual Steward makes sure visual and sound equipment is available, secure, in good repair, and is used effectively to support church activities as needed.



The Audio Visual steward is a member of the Worship Commission.

3.4 Board Clerk

Number: 3.4

Title: Board Clerk

Date: 09/12/17


The Board Clerk records, transcribes and publishes meeting minutes for Board meetings and performs other clerical duties for the Board as required. The Board Clerk is a member of the Church Board.

3.5 Technology Steward

Number: 3.5

Title: Technology Steward

Date: 09/12/17


The Technology Steward provides technical guidance to ensure that computer resources are adequate to meet church needs; that the resources are functioning properly and used effectively; that computer resources and church data and documents are secure.


3.6 History Steward

Number: 3.6

Title: History Steward

Date: 09/12/17


The mission of the history steward is to preserve and document the history of the church and to support educational programs concerning church history.


3.7 Library Steward

Number: 3.7

Title: Library Steward

Date: 09/12/17


The Library Steward maintains and updates the church library collection to make available an effective resource for the Congregation, and encourages the use of the library through publicity and special events.


3.8 Manual Steward

Number: 3.8

Title: Manual Steward

Date: 09/12/17


The mission of the Manual Steward is to make sure the church has an up-to-date, easy to use, accessible manual that reflects the mission, organization and operation of the church.


4.1 Choir Director

Number: 4.1

Title: Choir Director

Date: 09/12/17


The Choir Director is a salaried employee who provides leadership to the NWUP Church Choir.




The Choir Director is hired by the Personnel Commission with input from the Worship Commission and reports to the Pastor. The Pastor consults with the Worship Commission Chair prior to selection of the Choir Director. The Pastor and the Moderator approves the selection of the Choir Director. The Pastor, the Worship Commission and others as deemed appropriate evaluate the performance of the Choir Director at least annually.

4.2 Nursery Attendant

Number: 4.2

Title: Nursery Attendant

Date: 09/12/17


The mission of the Nursery Attendant is to provide supervised, convenient childcare for families attending church services and programs.




The Nursery Attendant and second adult are expected to report to the nursery at least 15 minutes before church services or programs and to stay until the last child has left. The Nursery Attendant is responsible to ensure the nursery has been put in order. The toys and equipment shall be maintained in good condition.

The Nursery Attendant shall establish good rapport with the children and their parents and shall maintain a pleasant atmosphere and safe conditions in the nursery. Any problems shall be reported to the Pastor and Chair of the Children and Youth Commission.


The Nursery Attendant is hired by the Personnel Commission and reports to the Pastor.

The Pastor evaluates the performance of the Nursery Attendant at least annually with input from the Children and Youth Commission and others as deemed appropriate.

4.3 Organist and Pianist

Number: 4.3

Title: Organist and Pianist

Date: 09/12/17


The Organist and Pianist provide musical accompaniment and music for worship services.




The Organist/Pianist is hired by the Personnel Commission and reports to the Pastor. The Personnel Commission consults with the Worship Commission Chair prior to selection of the Organist/Pianist. The pastor and moderator approve the selection of the Organist/Pianist.

The Pastor evaluates the performance of the Organist/Pianist at least annually with input from the Worship Commission and others as deemed appropriate.

4.4 Pastor

Number: 4.4

Title: Pastor

Date: 09/12/17


The mission of the Pastor is to provide spiritual leadership for the church and to promote the spiritual welfare of the Congregation.


Worship Services: The pastor provides for worship services including sermons, serving sacraments, and performing weddings, baptisms, funeral services and special ceremonies.

Pastoral Inspiration: Provides inspiration and example for all members to grow as Christians and to increase understanding of sacred texts.

Pastoral Care: Provides pastoral care for members that are sick or otherwise in need of spiritual guidance and pastoral support. Provides pastoral counseling to those seeking and needing it.

Community Outreach: Reaches out to and participates with other churches, community charitable organizations and other groups promoting the welfare of the community. Encourages and supports interfaith activities and understanding.

Adult Education: Plans and participates in Christian education programs for adults.

Children and Youth Welfare: Provides oversight, encouragement and spiritual guidance to church members and organizations serving the youth of the church.

Church Development and Stewardship: Promotes and provides spiritual support to church growth and development and stewardship of time and money given to the church. Encourages, supports and recognizes volunteer efforts that are so important to the survival of the church.  

Supervision of Paid Staff: Supervises and evaluates church paid staff with the assistance of various Commissions.

Emergency Response:  Act as an internal responder in an emergency (see section 6.1).  Maintain CPR, AED and First Aid training up-to-date.


The Pastor is called by the Church Board and Congregation and is responsible to both.

All paid staff report to the Pastor. The pastor is a member of the church Board. The Pastor is an ex officio member of all Commissions.

The pastor oversees the day-to-day administration of the church paid staff and office by providing supervision and direction. Hiring, disciplinary actions and termination are determined by the personnel committee in consultation with the pastor and moderator. Elders may also provide guidance as requested.

In the absence of the Treasurer, the pastor may write checks necessary to conduct church business. Checks must be signed by authorized signatories—not the pastor. The pastor will notify the Treasurer in a timely manner of check purpose, check number, amount and date.

4.5 Secretary

Number: 4.5

Title: Secretary

Date:  10/01/17


The Church Secretary manages the church office and provides secretarial services to the Minister, Moderator and other officers as needed.




The Secretary is hired by the Personnel Commission and reports to the Pastor. The Moderator approves the selection of the Secretary.

The Pastor evaluates the performance of the Secretary at least annually with input from the Moderator and others as deemed appropriate.

5.1 Diaconate

Number: 5.1

Title: Diaconate

Date: 09/12/17


The Diaconate is a group of men and women who support the worship function before, during, and after worship services. The deacons are also expected to support the Elders in providing Christian leadership to church members.



The Diaconate is organized into four separate teams with each team of Deacons responsible for a specific Sunday. Each team normally consists of at least four members. Deacons are approved by the Church Board with ratification by the Congregation. Members of the Diaconate elect their own chairperson each year. The Deacons Chair is a member of the Church Board.

5.2 Elders

Number: 5.2

Title: Elders

Date: 09/17/19


Elders provide spiritual and moral leadership to the church.



The Elders are nominated for a three-year term. Elders are approved by the Church Board and ratified by the Congregation. The Elders elect their own chairperson each year. The Chairperson shall prepare an annual report summarizing the previous year’s activities.

The Elder Chairperson is a member of the Church Board and presents a report to the monthly Board meeting.

5.3 Financial Secretary

Number: 5.3

Title: Financial Secretary

Date: 10/10/17


The Financial Secretary maintains confidential records of giving to the church and prepares reports to individual donors acknowledging the receipt of funds.



The Financial Secretary is a member of the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

The Financial Secretary is appointed by the Moderator in consultation with the Stewardship and Finance Commission Chair and the Pastor.

5.4 Moderator

Number: 5.4

Title: Moderator

Date: 09/12/17


The Moderator is the chief administrative officer of the Church Board and the Congregation. The Moderator presides at all meetings of the Church Board and Congregation and provides leadership in conducting church business.


     General Duties

     Ad Hoc Appointments




The Moderator is accountable to and selected by the Congregation. The Moderator is a member of the Church Board.

5.5 Treasurer

Number: 5.5

Title: Treasurer

Date: 07/18/19


The Treasurer maintains the financial records of the church and disburses all church funds.



The Treasurer is a member of the Stewardship and Finance Commission and the Church Board. The Treasurer is selected by the Stewardship and Finance Commission with approval by the Moderator. The Treasurer is a member of the Church Board.

5.6 Trustees

Number: 5.6

Title: Trustees

Date: 09/12/17


The Trustees are the representatives of Northwest United Protestant Church concerning legal and contractual matters. This function includes, but is not limited to, representing the Church in the acquisition, protection, and sale of Church property, as well as being the local agents in transactions with government agencies, businesses, and other outside organizations.



The Trustees consist of three members, one of whom is preferably the Property Commission Chairperson, and the rest are selected at large. Trustees are elected for staggered three-year terms by the Congregation. The Trustees are accountable to the Moderator and Church Board, and are ultimately accountable to the congregation that elects them. The Trustee Chair is a member of the Church Board.

6.1 Emergency Response Procedures

Number: 6.1

Title: Emergency Response Procedures

Date: 09/12/17


This section provides procedure for members and visitors to respond to various emergencies while at church.


Internal Responders


Church Secretary

Nursery Attendant


Emergencies of Concern

Armed Intruder

Bomb Threat

Dam Breach and Flooding



Ice Storms and Blizzards

Nuclear Materials Release

Volcanic Ash Fall

Armed Intruder Response

Certain behaviors are warning signs for a potential armed intruder. Members in general and others, if aware of these warning signs, should communicate concerns confidentially to the Pastor or an Elder. These signs include:

The first rule of response to an armed intruder is to act immediately. Do not waste time on denial. The persons closest to the danger should shout “Gun! Get Out!” and call 911 by the closest cell or fixed phone available. A person calling in the emergency should describe as clearly as possible the three Ws: What, Where and Who.

The second rule of response is to run. If deemed safe to do so, the first course of action is to run out of the building and as far away as possible to a safe location. Leave personal belongings behind; visualize escape routes including routes for individuals with disabilities. Avoid escalators and elevators.

If running is not a safe option, hide. Hide in a location with thick walls and few windows if possible.

If running or hiding is not possible, fight. Try to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter with any means at hand including chairs, fire extinguishers or heavy items that can be effectively thrown.

After the incident, pastoral care may be necessary as well as professional counseling.

Bomb Threat

If the Secretary, Pastor or other member receives a bomb threat, the time and nature of the treat should be noted along with information on the call source, if available. 911 should be immediately called and the building evacuated.

Dam Breach and Flooding

A breach of Grand Coulee dam is not projected to flood the more elevated parts of Richland where the church is located. The system of dikes along the river will also protect most of the city. There will be adequate time to receive warnings and instructions from civil authorities in the event of a breach. Members at church should tune to emergency messages on local radio or TV to receive instructions regarding evacuation.


Richland is located in a moderate earthquake risk zone particularly compared to the West side of the State. However, emergency actions are necessary in the event of an earthquake.

The drop, cover, and hold on technique is the preferred method of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross.


In the event of fire:

Ice Storm and Blizzards

Ice storms, blizzards and freezing rains are not uncommon in this area.

Nuclear Materials Release

Because of the proximity to Hanford Nuclear Reservation and an operating commercial reactor, nuclear incidents are of concern. Federal, State and Local authorities particularly at Hanford have well developed plans and training to respond to a nuclear incident including terrorist activities.

Until the amount of radiological contamination is determined, the following precautionary measures are recommended to minimize risk to the public.

Volcanic Ash Fall

This region has experience with volcanic ash falls as a result of the Mt. Saint Helens eruptions. Since potential erupting volcanoes are located some hundreds of miles to the west and southwest, some hours will be available between the eruption and the beginning of ash fall. During that time, preparations must be made to respond to the ash fall.

6.2 Use of Facilities and Grounds

Number: 6.2

Title: Use of Facilities and Grounds

Date: 11/20/18 (rev. 1)


This document outlines the Northwest United Protestant (NWUP) Church policy concerning the use of church facilities and/or grounds by individuals and groups inside and outside the church.

Use of the piano in the church sanctuary requires completion of the attached form (attachment 1).  The contract in attachment 2 can be used for one time usage as well as long term, recurring uses.  Attachment 3 is the fee schedule for one time contracted use.  Long term recurring use is paid on a monthly basis as negotiated between the user and the trustees. Fees generally will not be assessed for members of the church, but the Trustees may choose to assess fees if they deem it appropriate.

All users are required to coordinate usage of the facilities with the Church Secretary and assure that such use meets the intent of this policy.

Washington State provides guidance on non-profits renting properties at

Key points:

User Guidelines

Appropriate use of church facilities and/or grounds and acceptable conduct during such use is the responsibility of the user. NWUP Church reserves the right to intervene if improper use is observed.

Use is restricted to the specific room(s) of the facilities or grounds areas described in the initial definition and Contract Agreement between Northwest United Protestant Church and the User when permission is granted. Use of access doors, adjacent hallways and rest rooms are included in the permitted use.

Permission should be obtained during initial planning for use of decorations (other than normal table decorations), signs, banners, or anything that does not already exist in or on the church facilities or grounds. Under no circumstances shall nails, screws, or fasteners of any type by used without prior permission. Failure to comply with this requirement may require an assessment of additional fees.

Thermostats shall not be operated without permission and instruction. Excessive usage of heating or ventilation equipment is subject to assessment of additional fees.

Vehicles are not permitted on areas outside the parking lot without prior express authorization. In the parking lot, vehicles should be parked in designated spaces with observance of parking space for the handicapped, as well as passenger loading. Use of the parking lot areas for public or non-NWUP Church parking of vehicles is not permitted without prior express authorization.

Lights shall be turned off and doors shall be closed and locked following use of church facilities. Keys provided for permitted use shall be returned to the NWUP Church office immediately following the end of use.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances is strictly prohibited in or on NWUP Church property, with the exception that smoking is allowed in an approved area. Smoking remains shall be discarded in an appropriate container.

User Fees

User fees are required to cover basic building costs such as lights, heating/air conditioning, janitorial, wear and tear to the facilities and grounds.

A schedule of user fees will be updated as required by the Trustees. The fee schedule will also be available in Attachment 3 and in the church office.

Fees are based upon an hourly rate with the minimum scheduled time being five hours. Fees for full-day, multi-day, or long-term planned activities are negotiated and assessed on a case-by-case monthly basis.

Fees shall be assessed for the damage, breakage, destruction or misuse of NWUP Church property used for other than normal church activities. Payment of such fees shall be the responsibility of the individual or group that applied for permission and signed the Contract Agreement between the Church and User to use such property.


The permitted user is responsible for acceptable conduct and appropriate use of NWUP Church property during the period of use.

Northwest United Protestant Church retains the option of whether a church designee attends any or all functions.

The Property Commission negotiates use contracts with the potential user. Contracts are signed by a Trustee, the Moderator, or the Pastor.


This agreement is made the _________day of ____________, by and between Northwest United Protestant Church and the user . The parties hereto agree as follows.

  1. __________________________(user) will use, during _____________(day/week/month), room(s) _________________________________________________________________. Current furniture, school equipment, tables, chairs, room dividers, etc. therein belonging to the Church may be used for the purpose of conducting the required activities. In addition to the classrooms and equipment inside, if agreed upon, the user may also use the fenced area outside the building and its playground equipment. The hallways and restrooms in the Education Building are also included, as necessary. Kitchen privileges may be restricted as necessary, with prior notice, dependent upon time of year and/or for required church use.
  2. Facilities and equipment shall be used and cared for properly. The guideline for condition and cleanliness shall be: “how you find it is how it is left” at day’s end. Damage, breakage, and accidents will be reported to the Trustees as soon as possible.
  3. As determined by the Trustees, for some uses, liability insurance coverage for other than normal NWUP Church mandated activities shall be provided by the User.
  4. The Church shall provide the facilities and areas referred to above, to be used by the User. All other materials, supplies, and equipment needed for the rental agreed activities shall be the responsibility of the User.
  5. All activities conducted by the User during this agreement shall be controlled or supervised by the User. In addition, the User shall be responsible for assuring that all activities meet state and local laws, codes, and regulations.
  6. Each party agrees to leave the facilities, equipment, and areas referred to herein, ready for use by the other party in accordance with the agreed schedule.
  7. The User shall be responsible for all damages to the used facilities and equipment, and shall surrender them at the end of this contract term in as good a condition as they were at the beginning, excluding normal wear and tear or damage not resulting from agreed upon usage.
  8. Long term recurring Users shall pay to NWUP Church a monthly rate of ____________ for the use of the facilities and equipment herein described, as reasonable reimbursement. Compensating payments may be required when such costs increase or decrease significantly during the contract term. Payments shall be received prior to or before the _____________ calendar day of each month.
  9. Either party may terminate in writing this Contract Agreement upon any breach by the other party, by non-renewal, or agreed upon advanced notice.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, the parties have executed this agreement as to the day and year noted.

User_____________________________________ Date _________

NWUP Representative ______________________ Date _________


Room costs for a minimum five-hour period are shown in the table below. Hourly rates per hour beyond five hours are also shown. Long term recurring users pay a monthly fee negotiated between the user and the trustees. At our discretion, fees may be waived in part or in total. Non-profits or events benefiting the community will be given special consideration.


Minimum Room Rate

Hourly Rate for Additional Hours

Sanctuary (Includes Kitchen)

$ 50.00

$ 12.50

Piano Fee

$ 10.00

Saturday 5:00PM Sanctuary reset fee

$ 25.00


$ 30.00

$ 3.75

Fellowship Hall (Includes Kitchen)

$ 50.00

$ 6.25

Ed. Building large rooms

$ 40.00

$ 5.00

Ed. Building small rooms

$ 20.00

$ 2.50

Kitchen Area (when not included)

$ 10.00

$ 1.25

Release Form & Information for Use of Piano in the Church Sanctuary.

Name of Person requesting use of piano ___________________________________________

        Cell &/or home phone ____________________________________________________

        e-mail address __________________________________________________________

        Home address __________________________________________ zip _____________

        (Name of organization you represent) _______________________________________

Number of attendees expected ___________________________

Date, Day(s) and time to Begin ____________________________

        Ending Time _____________________________________


Will you be serving food?    _______________

Request use of Parlor      yes ______      no ______

Any rooms used are to be returned to original state you found them to begin with.



          Any water in plastic containers must remain on the floor at all times.  

          No alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed anywhere inside the building.



        The best gift is the gift of music.  Several in our congregation have requested that any musician that is using the piano for a recital make arrangements to perform either a prelude, postlude or special music piece for our church service which is held at 9:45 AM on Sundays.    (Not required, kindly suggested.)

Acceptance of the use of the piano will be verified following a cross reference to the Church Calendar.

6.3 Policy Concerning Gifts to NWUP Church

Number: 6.3

Title: Policy Concerning Gifts to NWUP Church

Date: 09/12/17


This policy establishes the practices for accepting, using, and distributing special gifts made to Northwest United Protestant (NWUP) Church. These gifts, in the form of cash, property, life insurance policies, etc., may be made through memorials, bequests and other special gifts. They exclude gifts to established funds such as the General Fund, Building Fund, and World Outreach.

Types of Giving

Memorials are gifts valued at greater than $500 made to the church by members and non-members in memory of a deceased individual.

Bequests are gifts to the church made through a will or other accepted legal document which designates that funds, property, or other material goods are to be turned over to the church upon the decease of the document maker.

Honorariums are gifts whose value is normally less than $500 to the church in honor of a living or deceased member. These are gifts not associated with established funds.

Other Gifts are those gifts made to the church by a living donor who is a member or a non-member. These are special gifts not associated with established funds.

General Policy

Every effort shall be made to make the best use of special gifts in a manner which supports the overall needs of the church. Such gifts made to NWUP Church shall be acknowledged in an appropriate and timely manner by the Stewardship and Finance Chair.

Gifts made to the church will be administered by the Stewardship and Finance Commission. This Commission shall have jurisdiction over the acceptance and proper utilization of all gifts within the area of its responsibility subject to the review and oversight of the Moderator.

It is preferred that specific uses for gifts to the church should not be designated by the donor(s). Undesignated gifts allow the greatest flexibility in matching the gift with the appropriate church need. However, if a use is designated, every effort will be made to comply with the wishes of the donor(s). Therefore, procedures are outlined in this policy to accommodate designated gifts.

Acceptance of Memorial Gifts

Memorials shall not be accepted if their use or purpose is not, or has the potential for not being consistent with the purpose, programs, or the mission of the Church.

Memorials shall not be accepted if the cost of maintenance of the memorial is excessive or inconsistent with the Church’s budget.

The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall make a recommendation to the Moderator for final acceptance or non-acceptance of the memorial. When memorials are not accepted, the Moderator shall encourage the donor to change the memorial’s use or return the memorial to the donor.

Governing Principles for Memorials

Memorials shall be funds or items that add to the dignity of worship, maintain, or increase the beauty and value of church property, or enhance one or more of the Church’s programs or ministries.

Memorial funds, unless otherwise designated by the donor, shall be placed in the undesignated memorial fund.

Memorial funds should not be used toward the support of on-going budgeted expenses of the Church without the express approval of the Stewardship and Finance Commission and the Moderator.

When a gift of $500 or more is made by a single donor, that donor may request its designation for a specific use. If, for some reason, a designated memorial is not used for the specified purpose within one year of its donation, its status shall be reviewed with the donor or the donor’s family, and plans shall be revised to allow for its later use for the same purpose, another purpose, or its transfer to the general undesignated memorial funds.

Memorials use shall be consistent with the wishes of the bereaved families wherever possible.

The orderly and expeditious use of the moneys in the Memorial Fund is preferred over unnecessary accumulation of moneys, except accumulations designated for specific (identified) major purchases.

Although some memorials are considered to be items of permanent or lasting significance, the removal, discontinuance, or relocation of memorials may be justified by the passage of time and changes in the physical property, programs, or missions of the Church.

Identification of Memorials

One or more Memorial Recognition Plaques shall be placed in a conspicuous place in the church with individual plates listing the names of the person or family, the memorial, and date the memorial was received.

Policy Concerning Bequests

Bequests shall not be accepted if that use or purpose is not, or has the potential for not being consistent with the purpose, programs, or the mission of the Church. The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall make a recommendation to the Church Board for final acceptance or rejection of bequests.

When designated bequests are unacceptable to the Church Board, the Stewardship and Finance Commission shall encourage the donor (or the donor’s representative) to either change the use or purpose of the bequest to be satisfactory, change the bequest to undesignated, or return the bequest to the donor or donor’s representative.

Undesignated bequests shall be used in one or more of the following ways:

Use of undesignated bequests for a specific purpose will require approval of the Stewardship and Finance Commission.

Property Bequests

All bequests in the form of property (other than cash) shall normally be converted to cash at their fair market value as soon as practicable. The cash received shall be added to the Church’s General Fund. The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall be responsible for obtaining a fair market evaluation from a reliable source; however, a property bequest may be retained for use by the Church, based on the judgment of the Stewardship and Finance Commission and approval of the Moderator.

If the property produces income, and the Church Board decides to retain that property, all income, except that used to maintain the property, shall be added to the Church’s General Fund. If the Church Board determines that an income-producing property is no longer functioning satisfactorily, the property shall be liquidated. The funds received from the liquidation shall be added to the Church’s General Fund.

The Trustees arrange the conversion of any property to cash subject to Board approval.

Investment of Bequests

Bequest funds may be turned over to the Stewardship and Finance Commission for investment. The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall be responsible for choosing where the funds will be invested, for making any changes in investments, and for keeping the Moderator informed of the amount in the fund and any changes in its structure. Investments shall be made in stable instruments such as certificates of deposit, money market funds, or stable, high quality bonds. Consideration shall be given to investment with the Christian Church Foundation and the Board of Church Extension.

Policy Concerning Honorariums and Other Special Gifts

Honorariums and other gifts may come from members or non-members. Where the gift is undesignated and less than $5,000.00, the gift will be transferred to the Church’s General Fund. Other gifts equal to or in excess of $5,000.00 will be treated in the same manner as bequests.


The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall have final jurisdiction over the acceptance and acknowledgement of memorial gifts, the selection and placement of memorials and the removal or relocation of installed memorials.

Because of the larger sums normally involved in bequests, the Stewardship and Finance Commission shall recommend action on bequests received for Church Board approval. It will acknowledge all bequests, supervise the approved expenditure of bequest funds, and convert property to cash as directed.

The Stewardship and Finance Commission may invest the bequest funds in stable instruments and report on the status of such funds to the Moderator.

Disposal of Endowment Funds during Church Dissolution

If there is dissolution of the Northwest United Protestant Church congregation, any endowment funds (including memorial and bequest funds) which have been established through gifts to the Church shall be distributed to the Northwest Regional Christian Church.

Policy Concerning Donations for Specific Projects

For specific projects not represented in the budget or inadequately funded in the budget, a steward or commission may request the board to approve a specific sponsorship drive to meet the need. The drive would be for a specific duration and all solicitations will make clear that the giving is above and beyond pledges for church operations and pledges for the roof project. The treasurer will establish a temporary fund to accumulate monies from the sponsorship drive—the fund to expire at the end of the project. Monies remaining at the completion of the project will revert to the general fund.

6.4 Salaried Staff Policy

Number: 6.4

Title: Salaried Staff Policy

Date: 09/12/17


This document outlines the practices of Northwest United Protestant Church in hiring, compensating, and supervising all salaried staff, with the exception of the Pastor. Policy concerning the Pastor is included in the Constitution.

Policy and Procedures

It is the practice of Northwest United Protestant Church (NWUP Church) to hire a paid staff to provide certain services for the Church.

Hiring of Salaried Staff

The need to fill a salaried staff position is identified to the Moderator by the appropriate commission or church official. The Moderator authorizes the initiation of the hiring process and, using information provided by the Personnel Committee, defines a range for the starting salary.

The Personnel Commission, in consultation with the Pastor, solicits applications, evaluates applicants, and makes a selection. The applicant and the starting salary must be approved by the Moderator and Board as a final step in the hiring process.


It is the policy of NWUP Church to compensate members of the salaried staff at a rate consistent with salaries paid for like services in our community. Compensation will be based on a salary range for each position and a selection of an actual salary within that range which reflects incumbent experience and efficiency.

The salary range for each position will be established by the Personnel Committee using periodic reviews of salaries paid by other local churches, cost-of-living trends, and other applicable factors.

The actual salary paid to an employee will depend on the employees experience, training and qualifications.

All paid employees file time cards for approval by the Moderator.

Salaries are based on normal hours worked that are established for each position. Extra hours worked are paid for on an hourly basis when requested and approved by the employees supervisor.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of those holding the salaried staff positions shall be evaluated annually by the Pastor.

Evaluation of performance should be based on the requirements outlined in the Position Descriptions. The evaluation is made in consultation with organizations and individuals who use the specific service.

Where the evaluation indicates unsatisfactory performance, the Pastor must bring the matter that will affect the employee’s salary or status to the personnel commission for appropriate action.

Vacation and Absences

Paid vacations and absences for each calendar year will be provided for the Church Secretary. Paid vacations for these this position will be as follows: One week at the beginning of the second year of employment and two weeks at the beginning of the fifth year of employment.

Sick pay for these positions shall be limited to a maximum of 24 hours per calendar year. There shall be no carry-over of unused sick leave from one year to the next. Deviation from the policy for paid absences will require the approval of the Personnel Committee.

Non-paid absences for all salaried staff will require the approval of the Pastor.


The Elders are responsible for reporting and documenting employee grievances and for recommending resolutions to the Personnel Committee.

The Pastor will provide job supervision and notify the Personnel Commission of need to replace an employee. The Personnel Committee, with the assistance of the Pastor, is responsible for establishing job descriptions along with criteria for good performance; soliciting applications and evaluating candidates; and reporting employee grievances to the Elders.

6.5 Sexual Misconduct Policy

Number: 6.5

Title: Sexual Misconduct Policy

Date: 09/12/17


It is the policy of NWUPC that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

Necessary Actions

There are two categories of sexual misconduct necessitating a somewhat different approach to each.

Physical Sexual Misconduct

Any member or visitor to the church campus experiencing or witnessing physical sexual assault, indecent exposure, stalking (including cyber stalking), threats of harm, groping or fondling, egregious unwanted advances or other similar behavior; should immediately call 911. A church official and the church insurance company shall also be notified as soon as possible. Employees and volunteers working with children and youth are considered to be mandated reporters and are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct to Child Protective Services (CPS).

If the incident(s) occurred in the past, the alleged victim or witness should document with dates the five Ws: who, what, where, when and witnesses. If the alleged victim is a minor; CPS, a church official and the church insurance company shall be notified of the alleged incident(s) as soon as possible. If the alleged victim is an adult, the police department instead of CPS shall be notified. Elders shall keep a file of relevant documents and police reports.

Verbal Sexual Misconduct

Non-physical and less egregious types of sexual misconduct such as leering, inappropriate jokes, obscene gestures, sexual teasing or innuendo, inappropriate sounds such as cat-calls should be reported to a church official and documented. The documentation should include the five W’s: Who, What, When, Where and Witnesses. The Elders shall investigate and determine appropriate actions in a timely manner. Actions, depending on the severity of the behavior, may include pastoral counseling, use of outside professional services, consultation with the police department, consultation with the church insurance company or other actions.

Prevention Requirements

All paid employees and volunteers who work with minors are required to complete and pass a Washington State Patrol background clearance as required by current Washington State Law. The Personnel Committee has the responsibility to make sure this is done.

Two adults shall always be present when babies, children or minor youth are being tended.

Elders shall keep a log of periodic audits and investigations to document that these prevention requirements are being met.

Training Requirements

Mandated reporters, elders, the pastor and the church secretary shall take sexual misconduct training at least every two years. Records of this training shall be kept by the Elders. These courses are available via various governmental organizations.

6.6 Maintenance of Tax Exempt Status

Number: 6.6

Title: Maintenance of Tax Exempt Status

Date: 01/19/19  (rev 1)


This manual section describes things to do and not to do that maintain the tax exempt status of the church including filing of federal and state reports.

State Requirements

Beginning in 2014, churches may loan or rent their exempt property to individuals or organizations for non-exempt activities up to 50 days per year. On 15 of those 50 days, the property can be used for business activities (pecuniary gain). Churches may continue to loan or rent their exempt property to nonprofit organizations or schools using the property to conduct  charitable activities in which some social objective is served or general welfare is advanced.

Church-sponsored fundraising events held on exempt property do not jeopardize the exemption, if each event: is limited to five days or less; and 51% or more of the net proceeds from the event is remitted to the sponsoring church. NOTE: Churches may co-host fundraising events on church property as an “occasional fundraising activity”. There is no limit to the number of these events. . Fundraising activities that are regularly scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are considered to be a business activity, rather than “occasional fundraising events”. These may only be conducted within the overall 15-day allowance for business activity.

Churches that share their properties with individuals or other organizations under the revised law must maintain an accurate record or “calendar” of those uses throughout the year. This calendar must be provided to the WA State Department of Revenue upon request. The calendar should include: (1) the date of the use, (2) the name of the person or organization using the property, (3) the purpose of the event, (4) the amount of any rent/donation paid for the use, (5) and an indication if the property was used for pecuniary gain or business purposes.

An annual review is required by the State. Generally, the initial exemption is established for a single tax year or specific tax years. To continue the exemption, churches must file an annual renewal, disclose any changes in ownership or use, and confirm that their property continues to qualify for exemption. The WA State Department of Revenue sends a notice each year in January reminding churches to renew online at before March 31 using the “My account” program. Failure to renew will result in the loss of the exemption. The Church Treasurer is responsible for filing this notice.

Federal Requirements

Federal requirements for non-profit organization may be found at .

6.7 Timekeeping Requirements

Number: 6.7

Title: Timekeeping Requirements

Date: 09/12/17

This Time Keeping Policy establishes time keeping requirements for personnel employed part time by Northwest United Protestant Church. This policy does not apply to personnel employed by Northwest United Protestant Church in a full time (e.g., 40 hours per week).

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee shall develop the Time Keeping Policy and Time Keeping Sheets.

Part Time Employees

Temporary Support

Temporary Support includes individuals who perform specific, short duration, defined work (e.g., pianist, special music, facility maintenance) for Northwest United Protestant Church. They shall be paid by check or cash.

No withholding shall be deducted from their payment. The temporary support personnel are responsible for their personal taxes and withholdings.


The Church Moderator:

Church Treasurer:

Church Secretary


All Time Sheets are legal records for Washington State Department of Labor and Industry and shall be maintained for seven (7) calendar years.

Time Card: Northwest United Protestant Church

For the Month of ____________________________
































































Time worked is recorded in 6 minute increments. (60 minutes equals 1.0 hours) (6 minutes equals 0.1 hours)

Comments: _____________________________________________________


Submitted:  _____________________________________________________

Employee:  ______________________________________    Date _________

Approved by: _____________________Pastor or Moderator   Date _________

6.8 Timeshare Policy

Number: 6.8

Title: Timeshare Policy

Date: 09/12/17


Northwest United Protestant Church owns a one-week Hawaiian timeshare. This document outlines the policies and procedures to utilize the timeshare for members’ benefit and enjoyment.


NWUP Church wishes to promote the enjoyment of the accommodations in Hawaii while not incurring any additional financial obligations. NWUP will pre- pay the annual ownership fee, but generally expects the timeshare user(s) to promptly reimburse the church for this expense. The timeshare user(s) are expected to pay all expenses for travel to and from Hawaii plus any additional expenses such as food, transportation and entertainment while staying at the timeshare.

Our Hawaiian timeshare is a studio apartment with moderate accommodations (i.e., fold out bed and kitchen appliances) for use by a person/family for one week (six nights). The primary means of confirming the dates of our use is by filling out a request form provided by the Imperial Resorts.

All usage fees paid to the church by users, beyond the normal annual fees charged by Imperial Resorts, shall be placed in a restricted account to pay any future additional fees (e.g., facility upgrade assessments) that are charged to Northwest United Protestant Church, as the owner.


An annual drawing will be used to select the person/family to use the timeshare.

The drawing will occur no later than the last Sunday in February for the next year.

Interested parties must notify the church office before the drawing. Notification may be made by regular mail, telephone call, email or verbally to the church secretary.

The Pastor, Moderator, or Chair of the Stewardship and Finance Commission will draw the winning name from a container holding all the names of interested parties. The person drawing the names shall not have his or her name in the contest. All entries will be drawn one at a time. The names and order drawn shall be recorded in order to establish the next-in-line person (e.g. 1st Runner-up, 2ndRunner-up, etc.) if the winner is unable to use the timeshare during their year.

Any church member or regular attendee is eligible to put his or her name in the drawing unless he or she has won within the last year. This previous winner restriction is disregarded if no one other than the previous winner notifies the church office.

The usage fee is the amount charged by Imperial Resorts (the timeshare management company). The usage fee varies from year to year and was $610 for 2015. This fee is payable no later than August 1stof the year prior to use.

The Stewardship and Finance Commission shall review the fee annually to ensure it covers the base fee charged NWUP by Imperial Resorts.

The Church Board may offer the timeshare to a person/family unable to pay the usage fee. In this case, the fee to be paid to the church may be waived entirely or reduced by some amount decided by the Board. The suggested frequency should not be more than once every seven years. If the Board makes this offer, the recipients are responsible for their travel and additional expenses (e.g. food and entertainment).

The Treasurer shall pay the annual ownership fee via check in order to save the church the credit card processing fee of 3% included in the statement from Imperial Resorts.

All interfaces with the time share management company (Imperial Resorts) shall be via the Trustee Chair. The Trustee Chair will have signature authority with Imperial Resorts for NWUP Church.

6.9 Deacon Assignments and Checklist

Number: 6.9

Title: Deacon Assignments and Checklist

Date: 09/12/17

Saturday Preparation:

When the last box of communion cups is opened, call the church secretary so she can order more plastic cups.

When the last communion Juice is opened obtain some more. We are using Welchs 100 % Grape Juice (64 oz).

Each team is to supply the bread for Sunday Morning Worship. You can buy or make round loaf of bread your choice.

Sunday Morning Set Up:

Place the following on the altar:

After Sunday Service:

6.10 Preparation of Annual Reports

Number: 6.10

Title: Preparation of Annual Reports

Date: 09/12/17


This section outlines the procedure for the preparation of annual reports.

The annual report constitutes the Board’s report to the Congregation for a given calendar year.

As the Board’s executive officer, the Moderator is responsible for the assembly, editing and release of the annual report to the Congregation.

Schedule of Activities

Due Date



January 15

Inputs from Stewards, Officers and Commissions due to secretary.

Stewards, Officers and Commissions

January 21

Rough draft assembled from inputs provided.


January 28

Edited report prepared by moderator.


February 6

Final document prepared and signed by moderator.

Secretary and Moderator

February 14

Report issued to congregation by email with hard copies available in the narthex. Announcement of availability made in weekly program bulletin for two consecutive weeks.



List of Sections in Annual Report

6.11 Transfer of Restricted Funds

Number: 6.11

Title: Transfer of Restricted Funds

Date: 09/12/17

Budget funds in restricted and temporary categories shall be transferred to the general fund if the restricted or temporary fund has been inactive with no withdrawals for two years. The exceptions are the emergency fund and the building fund. Stewardship and Finance will bring recommendations to the Board for transfers at the January meeting each year.

6.12 Campership Policy

Number: 6.12

Title: Campership Policy

Date: 09/12/17

NWUPC has traditionally had a policy to provide half the cost of church camps for active youth in the church. Students (or their parents) wishing to go to camp should file a form with the pastor. Each year at camp season the pastor will arrange with the Treasurer to pay for the church share of fees for youths applying to go to camp.

The Treasurer shall budget $ 650 annually as a line item in the general fund to implement this policy. (This is the amount historically needed to provide these funds.) This budget amount shall be reviewed and modified each year during the budget development process based on actual attendance at camps.

6.13 Computer Replacement Fund and Policy

Number: 6.13

Title: Computer Replacement Fund and Policy


NWUP Church has a number of computers that need to be replaced on a regular, predictable basis. A line item in the general budget shall be established to provide for these replacements. A total of $800 will be budgeted in 2017 to seed the fund. In addition, $400 will be budgeted every year to the line item up to a maximum of $2,000.

6.14 Wedding Policy

Number: 6.14

Title: Wedding Policy


Resources Available

The wedding party is welcome to use disposable items such as paper plates, plastic silverware, and disposable hot and/or cold cups for the reception. These items are to be supplied by the wedding party.

Wedding Rules

Building Use Requirements

Guidelines for Use of Other Organists and Pastors

The wedding party does not have to use the Northwest United Protestant Church Pastor or organist. When the decision is made to use another organist or Pastor, please keep these guidelines in mind: If inactive or non-members wish to use another pastor, this needs to be stated clearly at the beginning of conversations with the church office. 

If active members wish to use another pastor, the proper procedure is as follows: Inform the Pastor of the church. Invite him/her to assist with the wedding. He/she may or may not choose to do so.  Take care of the expenses involved in bringing the guest Pastor here and in hosting him/her. Offer an honorarium. 

Regarding the Organist (or other musician): The organist must be competent to play the church's organ. Other musicians, wishing to use the church sound system, must have a church sound system operator in attendance for the rehearsal and the ceremony. 

About Wedding Coordinators: Wedding coordinators must meet with the pastor at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. Wedding coordinators must realize that the pastor is in charge and will have final say, with the bride, in all decisions. 

Other Special Celebrations: : A church representative, may be present at other social gatherings.

7.1 Members of Church Board

Number: 7.1

Title: Members of Church Board

Date: 09/12/17

Members of the Church Board (13)

Adult Education Commission Chair

Children and Youth Commission Chair

Deacons Chair

Elders Chair

Moderator (CEO of Church Board)


Personnel Commission Chair

Property Commission Chair

Stewardship and Finance Commission Chair


Trustee Chair

Worship Chair

Board Clerk

Note 1: One person may not occupy two or more positions on the Board at any one time.

Note 2: Any person may attend Board meetings, but only Board members may vote.

By Laws

By Laws 10/15/15

Northwest United Protestant Church


Church Year

The church year, for fiscal and other administrative purposes, shall begin January 1 and end December 31.



An annual meeting shall be held each fall to elect new officers and to approve the budget for the coming year. The meeting shall be held at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the new church year.

Church Board:

The Church Board shall hold a regular meeting each month, the time and place to be determined by the Moderator. A meeting may be cancelled for a given month by the Moderator and Minister. Board members shall be notified of a change or cancellation.

Special Meetings:

Special meetings may be scheduled by the Moderator or when at least 20 percent of the voting Board members request a special meeting. Board members shall be notified of special meetings and their purpose at least one week before a meeting is scheduled.


Congregational Meetings:

A quorum shall consist of those present plus the absentee ballots submitted by members who are unable to attend because of illness, work or travel out of town.

Church Board Meetings:

A quorum shall consist of at least six Board members plus the Moderator or the Moderator’s designee.

Rules Governing Meetings

Elders, Diaconate, and Trustees:

a. Meeting for Selection of Chairmen: The Chairman of each of these groups shall call a meeting after the annual meeting and before the end of the church year to select their Chairmen for coming church year.

b. Scheduled Meetings: Each group shall schedule its meetings as required on a regular or special basis. Meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.

Commissions, Committees, and Other Church Groups:

Each group shall schedule its meetings as required to conduct its business. Meetings shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.


Congregational Officers

  1. Moderator: In the absence of the Moderator, the Chairman of the Elders shall fulfill the responsibilities of the position.
  2. Elders: The membership of the Elders shall be six.
  3. Diaconate: The membership of the Diaconate shall be at least sixteen.
  4. Trustees: The membership of the Trustees shall be three, one of which shall be the Chairman of the Property Commission.
  5. Commissions and Stewards: The duties and organization of commissions and stewards are spelled out in detail in the Church Manual.

Organizational Table:

See Blue Book 7.1 Organization Table


Duties and expectations of salaried personnel as well as reporting relationships are spelled out in the Church Manual.


Amendments and revisions to these By-Laws may be made by the Church Board. Approval of such changes shall require a two-thirds vote of those members present when approval is sought. Voting may be done at any regular or special Board meeting. Proposed amendments or revisions must be provided to members of the Board at least two weeks in advance of voting.


Revision 5 was completed on February 6, 2007. Details of these revisions are available in church archives.

This October 15, 2015 revision is to make the By Laws consistent with a complete revision and reissue of the Church Manual.


Title: Constitution

Date: 04/24/2016

Northwest United Protestant Church

We, the members of the Northwest United Protestant Church, seeking to do the work of the Church, which is the Body of Christ, do hereby adopt this Constitution.


A. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Northwest United Protestant Church (NWUP) of Richland, Washington, affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

B. Purpose: Northwest United Protestant Church seeks to inspire individuals to name Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to increase their love of God, others, and self, through education, nurture, worship, witness, and service. We express ourselves as part of the body of Christ through witnessing and expressing His compassion, forgiveness, sense of justice, way of reconciliation, and passion for unity. NWUP is a part of the church universal and witness to that reality locally, denominationally, and ecumenically. We believe in intellectual freedom and encourage persons to live their faith responsibly.


This church is sponsored by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


The incorporation of this Congregation shall be in accordance with the Decree of Incorporation Number 114371, dated January 3, 1950, and recorded on pages 1183-1189, Book No. 4, in the Department of State, Olympia, Washington.

The Trustees of the Northwest United Protestant Church shall be the corporate officers in all matters concerning sale, transfer, or purchase of property. Any such transactions shall be subject to the approval of this Congregation and the Northwest Regional Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The title to all property of this Congregation shall be held by the Northwest Regional Christian Church.


A. Baptism: Baptism by immersion shall be made available to children and adults who have made their confession of faith in Christ.

B. Communion: Communion shall be administered in harmony with the practices of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All individuals seeking to follow Christ are welcome.


A. Outreach Giving: Determination of the method for procuring and distributing outreach funds shall be made by the appropriate commissions, subject to Church Board approval.

B. Special Offerings: Special offerings shall be taken at such times and for such purposes as are approved by the Church Board. These offerings shall be used for only the announced purposes.


Northwest Protestant Church defines a member as someone committed to support the ministries of Northwest through regular attendance, participation in the congregation’s various ministries, and/or regular giving. Only members may vote in congregational meetings and hold church offices.

Should a member decide to withdraw his/her membership from Northwest, he or she may do so by submitting a letter to the board, giving a verbal statement of resignation to the Minister or Moderator, or transferring his or her membership to another congregation.

Each year, the Elders review the membership list, confirming the addition of new members, removing the names of those who have passed away and contacting inactive members to determine whether or not they wish to retain their membership.


Membership: The Church Board shall consist of the following 13 officers:

Adult Education Chair

Children and Youth Commission Chair

Board Clerk

Deacons Chair

Elders Chair

Moderator (CEO of Church Board)


Personnel Commission Chair

Property Commission Chair

Stewardship and Finance Commission Chair


Trustee Chair

Worship Chair

The duties of the Church Board are as follows:

  1. To approve the annual budget recommended by the Stewardship and Finance Commission and refer the budget to the Congregation for acceptance
  2. To encourage the control of expenditures so that spending remains within the approved budget unless otherwise approved by the Congregation
  3. To approve pulpit committee members
  4. To review the recommendations of the Pulpit Committeeand forward final recommendations to the Congregation for action
  5. To be the presiding body of all business brought to the Congregation.

Authorities: The Church Board operates within the following authorities and limitations:

  1. The actions of the Board are subject to review by the Congregation, which has the final authority.
  2. Decisions of the Board concerning routine operations of the church and actions taken because of emergency situations do not require congregational approval.
  3. The following actions shall have congregational approval before being taken:


Officers Elected by the Congregation:

The Congregation, at its annual meeting, shall elect the following officers: Moderator, Elders, Diaconate members, and Trustees. The total number making up each group of officers is prescribed by the By-Laws. The Moderator shall be elected for one year and may serve for three consecutive terms. The Elders and members of the Diaconate shall be elected for a two-year term, with the option of serving a third year. Trustees shall be elected for a three-year term. Except under circumstances approved by the Board, the above officers will have a sabbatical of one year before reelection to the same position. The number of Elders, Diaconate members, and Trustees elected each year shall be approximately one-third of the total of each group allowed by the By-Laws. Other officers are elected as specified in the church manual.

Qualification of Officers:

It is imperative that each officer uses his or her experience, talent, and good judgment in planning and carrying out the church program, and that each officer evidences loyal and enthusiastic support of that program. Each officer is expected, therefore, to fulfill the following principles of stewardship to the best of his or her ability:

  1. Regular attendance at the services of the church and willingness to serve as needed;
  2. Regular attendance at Board and his/her organization meetings; and
  3. Regular financial support of the church in proportion to how each has prospered.

Duties of Officers:

The specific duties of officers are included in the Church Manual.

Removal of an Officer:

The removal of an officer for any reason shall be the responsibility of the Elders in consultation with the Minister and the Moderator.


The Role of the Minister:

The Minister of this church shall perform the duties that are described in the Church Manual. Performance shall be in accord with those principles set forth in Regional and General Assembly guidance manuals for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Minister shall be an ex-officio member of all organized groups and commissions of the Congregation. The Minister, in cooperation with the Moderator, shall encourage orderly administration of congregational business and programs through adherence to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Selection of the Minister:

The Moderator and the Elders using procedures provided by the Regional minister select and recommend a pastoral candidate for approval by the Congregation. Interim ministers are also selected by procedures supplied by the Regional minister.

Termination of a Ministry:

  1. The voluntary resignation of a Minister shall be based on the following provisions:
  2. Resignation shall be submitted to the Congregation in writing, through the Church Board. The Minister shall consult with the Elders prior to submitting the resignation.
  3. Following receipt of the resignation and acceptance by the Board, the Moderator shall announce the resignation to the Congregation.
  4. The Congregation and Minister should remember that their covenantal relationship is more than a contract; it is a relationship in Christ.
  5. The involuntary termination of a ministry shall be based on the following provisions:
  6. Termination shall be first dealt with confidentially between the Minister, Moderator, Elders, and Regional Minister.
  7. The Church Board shall approve a termination by at least a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regular or special meeting. If approval occurs, the Board shall recommend termination to the Congregation.
  8. The congregation shall hold a special meeting to consider the termination. An eighty percent vote of eligible members attending or returning an absentee ballot will finalize the termination.

General Provisions:

  1. The Senior Minister shall be affiliated (have standing) with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  2. Any Associate Minister shall be affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  3. The role, selection, pastoral relationship, and resignation of an Associate

Minister shall be governed by this Article. Associate Ministers shall be under the general supervision of the Senior Minister.


A. Regular Meetings: The Congregation shall hold a business meeting at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the new church year for the purpose of electing incoming church officers, approving the proposed church budget and projected program, and acting on any other items of business.

B. Special Meetings: A special congregational meeting may be called at any time by action of the Church Board, or by the Minister and Moderator, or upon written request of 20 percent of the participating members of the Congregation. Announcements of all congregational meetings should emphasize that only participating members are eligible to vote.

C. Notice of Meetings: A notice in writing by letter or newsletter shall be made at least two weeks prior to a business meeting of the Congregation. Verbal announcements at two consecutive worship services shall be made. The purpose of the meeting shall be indicated in the announcements.

D. Conducting Business: The congregational meetings shall be conducted by the Moderator or an appointed representative. Decisions of the Congregation shall be governed by majority vote of those participating members present or voting by absentee ballot.


A set of By-Laws shall be established and maintained to govern how the Church Board shall conduct the business and carry out the programs of the church. The By-Laws shall provide directions for the implementation of provisions in this Constitution when there is insufficient direction in the Constitution. The By-Laws shall be approved by the Church Board and shall be amended or revised as prescribed in the By-Laws.


This Constitution may be amended or revised by the Congregation in the following manner:

  1. The proposed amendment or revision shall be approved by the Church Board.
  2. The membership shall be notified by mail that a copy of the amendment or revision will be available at the church office at two consecutive worship services preceding the meeting called to vote on the amendment or revision.
  3. The amendment or revision must be passed by a two-thirds majority vote of those eligible members present and voting either in person or by absentee ballot at the meeting.


Revision 4 was made on August 13, 2006. These revisions are spelled out in detail Revision 4 in church archives.

This current revision (Revision 5 – October 15, 2015) reflects changes to make the Constitution consistent with a complete revision and reissue of the Church Manual.